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Tropical Palm-Part Art Classes

Palm Part Basketry

Considered by some the oldest known form of “Utilitarian Art,” the ancient craft of basketry forms the basis for my original “Plant Part Art.” Utilizing native plant materials, including palm materials, and implementing techniques such as weaving, sewing, twining, plaiting, and coiling, I create my own Tropical Art. These are some of the fundamental techniques I use, and certainly enjoy passing along to those interested in this timeless craft. Join me for your own session and explore what nature has to offer you.

Create a Magazine Holder, Umbrella Stand, Purse | Tropical Palm Art

Learn to create useful and artistic items using techniques perfected by RubyKim

Basketry, Weaving & Plant Part Art

Considered by some the oldest known form of ‘Utilitarian Art’
the ancient craft of Basketry forms the basis for Ruby-Kim’s original

Close up of art work created with palm parts and string

Look at the details of this piece of art. Don’t you feel inspired?

*Plant Part Art *
Weaving – Sewing – Plaiting – Twining – Coiling
‘these are some of the fundamental techniques Ruby has mastered and offers to pass along to interested students.

Palm part purse beautiful crafted by RubyKim on Jazzys Riverhouse

Everyone will ask you where you got your beautiful magazine holder. Imagine their faces when you say you made it while in Costa Rica.

All-Day Classes begin at 8am and include a generous lunch
* Palm Part Basketry or Sewing Classes

lamp made with palm parts and driftwood.

This is everyones favorite. Created by Ruby Kim with palm parts, seeds and drift wood.

From the Skin of a Plant

“Twining, plaiting, herringbone and satin
For joining together
Or weaving a pattern

This mimic of nature runs very deep
These forms that we search for
In all that we seek

So we’ll make a vessel to hold our hearts
From the skin of a plant
Both golden and dark

And through this creation try to define
Our connection to mother
To all that’s divine”

Guests having fun creating their own souvenirs

Guests having fun creating their own souvenirs made with palm parts and shells.

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