Jazzy's River House

Surf Lessons

Welcome to Playa Dominical – one of the most consistent surf breaks in Costa Rica. This beach break offers ideal conditions for beginning surf students – it is almost never without ride-able waves. Very few surf spots can make this claim.

About Jazzy’s Dominical Costa Rica Surfing Lessons:

There are three basic ingredients that make up a productive learning situation: consistent ride-able waves, a competent surf instructor and a surfboard.

My Surfing and Instructor Experience:

For my part, born and raised near the beach in San Diego, California I have a lifetime of surfing experience to share. I’ve been living and surfing in Dominical since 1997. I’ve been teaching people to surf here on the South Coast longer than any other current local instructor. I teach surfing, body surfing, body boarding and swimming with an overall emphasis on beach and water safety. This is my home and I welcome everyone to join me in sharing the bounty of this pristine stretch of coastline.

The process of learning to surf has two parts:

Part A consists of mastering surfing fundamentals in the white water (catching and riding waves after they break) and
Part B involves paddling beyond the foam and learning to catch and ride unbroken waves.

I charge $20 for the first hour of instruction and $10/hr for any further instruction needed with Part A . I have found the average student, young or old, can be catching and riding waves safely and consistently by the end of the first hour.  Next comes practicing what you have learned in the white water until you are ready for Part B.

Also, we rent boards for $10/day. 

Contact me, Steve Fergus, at:
jazzysriverhouse@hotmail.com  or give me a call at:
2787-0310 for more information or to schedule a lesson.

Also, ask about customizing a ‘Mini Surf Camp’ packages or specials on our Dominical Costa Rica surfing lessons for groups.