Jazzy's River House

Holistic Bodywork

Not only a beautiful but also an exceptionally clean, pure and unspoiled natural setting provides our area with highly energized and purified land, water and air. A deeply abundant environment. Rich in elemental life force. Combined with year round tropical warmth and sunshine, the River House can help cleanse body, mind and soul. Steve Fergus, an exceptional and experienced holistic practitioner (for his credentials go to bottom of page), can provide individual or group integrated yoga sessions as well as East/West massage therapy.

Holistic Therapeutic Services
    • Deep Healing massage  ______$40 / hour
    • Integrated yoga _____________$5 / person / session / 2 people minimum
'Mini Health Spa' package
    • East/West Massage Therapy
    • Prana, Breath & Stretching
    • Integrated Yoga
    • Ask about pricing.
The Tao of Healing Art, also call Tui-Na adjusts, balances and elevates vital energy. The art is a form of massage that follows the body’s energy pathways, anatomically known as meridians, to regulate the body’s vital functions. Dr. Stephen T. Chang
“The root of the way of life, of birth and change is Chi (Energy); the myriad things of heaven and earth all obey this law. Thus Chi in the periphery envelops heaven and earth. Chi in the interior activates them. The source where from the sun, moon and stars derive their light, the thunder, rain, wind and cloud their being, the four seasons and the myriad things their birth, growth, gathering and storing: all this is brought about by Chi. Man’s possession of life is completely dependent upon this Chi. Nei Ching
Steve's Experience and Credentials