Jazzy's River House


Playa Dominical Vacation Rental

Tucked away just off the Plaza
In the center of a little surf town
called Dominical, Costa Rica
Down a shady little lane
Along the south bank of the Rio Baru…
our cottage's upstairs balcony looks out
over the Baru estuary
And the sandy beach and breaking surf beyond…

We are a tree sheltered garden.
Protected. Secure. Affordable. And Convenient.
No car necessary. Beaches are
a pleasant 5 minute walk away.
Or a five minute paddle by kayak or surfboard.

We have a full line of beach rentals and
Surf instruction to help you enjoy your stay.
You can wend our waterways,
hike our glorious tropical beaches and jungle trails
Right from your doorstep.

Come and go at your leisure…
up the lane to our bustling little village with it’s welcoming
charm and satisfying conveniences
Or paddle quietly the other way…
Upstream toward the biggest trees and deepest pools or
Downstream toward the mouth and out to the open sea!

Follow miles of pristine beaches with their interlacing,
Fascinating waterways and mangrove backwaters.
Witness a never ending variety of plant and animal and bird and bug and spirit life.
Wander as far as you can, stay as long as you like…

Warm weather, open-air yoga sessions,
sunrise/sunset meditation sites,
Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables,
local medicinal plant treatments,
All the elements of a tropical beach paradise
assembled to
enhance your stay
in our Dominical Costa Rica Vacation Home Rental.